ARTLESS GAX 36 Dining Table

$ 5 120.00
ARTLESS GAX is the most architectural and most structural of their designs. It is a very simple solution to a very common problem, a table with no apron. By designing a table with just two elements, the base and the top. A 2 solid wood top, 2 tubular base, no cross members, and no other structural elements; the cleanest possible approach meant to last a lifetime. The GAX tables and benches are work horses camouflaged as stallions, sturdy, strong, and nearly indestructible, yet of an undeniable beauty and elegance. By using 2 solid wood, for structural purposes, they also create a recreational worktable that tolerates hot and cold objects. The GAX tabletop is composed of solid lumber similar to a butcher-block, but much more beautiful. ARTLESS GAX 36 is the perfectly proportioned dining table, it is their best seller. Features GAX collection Available in 3 base colors: Polished Stainless Steel, Polished Brass, Polished Copper Available in various sizes. GAX 36 Dining Table